• Baby Products We Can't Live Without

    You asked, we answered. We had real moms tell us which baby gear really got them through those first few roller-coaster months -- behold the 13 lifesavers you need to register for.1of 171of 17 Facebook PinterestLinda Farwell Combi Pod BouncerWhy We L

  • Essential Gear for Baby's First Six Weeks

    Babies don't really need a lot of gear the first few weeks at home. Despite the temptation to buy all the wonderful baby clothes and gadgets available, a few basics are all you and your baby need.1of 211of 21 Facebook PinterestRobyn Lehr Newborn Nece

  • The Best Wi-Fi Baby Monitors

    These six monitors allow you to keep an eye on Baby from practically anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection.1of 91of 9 Facebook PinterestJim FrancoLong gone are the days of scratchy audio baby monitors that would become staticky the moment they came wi

  • Baby Booty: American Baby's New Picks

    American Baby editors show the best of the market's latest products for mom and baby.1of 521of 52 Facebook PinterestPriscilla Gragg Sleeping OverIf you want your newborn to doze in your bedroom, say, to make nighttime feedings more convenient, check

  • Pregnancy Symptoms & Complaints: Constipation

    Constipation is a common pregnancy problem. Find out what causes it and how to feel better.What causes constipation in pregnancy?Increased levels of progesterone slow the digestive system, and extra iron from prenatal vitamins can harden the stool. I

  • 7 Stretch Mark Solutions

    You're not totally powerless against pregnancy stretch marks. Give these a try.1of 111of 11 Facebook PinterestPhotoAlto/ MattonPreventive stretch mark creams "can hydrate the skin and build tensile strength," according to Anne Chapas, M.D., Assi

  • Can You Drink Coffee When Pregnant

    Is coffee really bad for you during pregnancy? Find out why regular and decaffeinated coffee may still be ok to drink (in moderation, of course).iStockphoto Your days of tequila shots and tuna sashimi are over -- at least for the next nine months or

  • How to Put Together a Crib

    Setting up your new baby's nursery is an exciting milestone for parents -- but putting together the crib can turn the experience into a major hassle. However, assembling a crib doesn't have to be mission impossible. In fact, these simple tips can mak

  • 7 Smart Ways to Exercise Safely During Pregnancy

    Working out is an important part of having a healthy pregnancy. Here, ob-gyn Elizabeth Pryor, MD, shares how to make sure you stay safe as you get active.Get your doctor's approvalPhotodisc/ Getty For most women with uncomplicated pregnanies, there's

  • What Not to Eat When You're Pregnant

    From your first prenatal appointment, you'll hear all about what you should be eating and drinking during pregnancy, like calcium and folic acid. But what about foods to avoid? Advice seems to flip-flop from year to year, and things that were once co

  • 5 Foods All Pregnant Women Need

    These healthy snacks will help provide plenty of important nutrients for pregnancy, including vitamic C, folic acid and calcium.Image Source/ Veer Orange juiceNot only is this juice high in vitamin C and folic acid, it's also a good source of potassi

  • 5 Fun Ways to Share Your Birth Announcement on Facebook

    Try one of these creative ideas to share a baby birth announcement for your new bundle of joy. In a world of constant tagging, sharing, and liking, posting your birth announcement on Facebook can lead it to being overlooked on your friends' newsfeeds

  • The President, the Pope, and Mickey Mouse Want Your Baby's Birth Announcement

    Yes, believe it or not, you can send your birth announcements to the White House, Disney, and the Vatican and receive a signed reply -- perfect as a keepsake!Courtesy of Mary A. Behre Most new moms plan to send birth announcements to family members a

  • Slow-Cooker Chicken Recipes

    We've rounded up our best recipes for easy dinners that bring together two kitchen favorites: chicken and the slow cooker. It's a match made in culinary heaven.1of 251of 25 Facebook PinterestSloppy Chicken JoesUse chicken or turkey for these dinner-t

  • Tick Bites and Lyme Disease Symptoms

    Tick bites aren't painful, but may cause Lyme disease. Read more about tick bite symptoms to prevent and treat it.Removing a Tick SafelyWhat Does a Tick Look Like?Ticks are very small, parasitic insects that look like spiders, with round, brown bodie

  • Must-Do Baby Essentials

    New baby, new priorities: Use our checklist to be sure you have the basics covered.Buff Strickland Before you had kids, responsibility meant contributing to your 401(k) and getting your car's oil checked occasionally. Now that you have another person

  • Shopping Cart Safety

    December 21
    Shopping Cart Safety

    Is it safe for my baby to sit in the grocery store shopping cart? Q: Is it safe for my baby to sit in theshopping cart at the grocery store?A: Thousands of children are hurt every year in the U.S. in accidents involving shopping carts, according to t

  • How to prevent food spoilage and transmission of infections.Food safety and sanitation are important aspects of providing healthy food for children. Improper food preparation, handling, or storage can quickly result in food being contaminated with ge
  • 4 Winter Pregnancy Worries -- and How to Deal

    Being pregnant in winter may seem like a nuisance, but there are plenty of upsides to expecting once the temperatures plunge. Here are four reasons to start embracing your cold-weather pregnancy.It's Cold!Halfpoint/shutterstock.com Winter Worry: Baby

  • Bonding with Baby-to-Be

    There's no need to wait nine months to start bonding with your baby.Creating a ConnectionWeeks before her due date, Laura Hendrix already felt close to her daughter. "I'd tell the baby just about everything," says the first-time mom from Greenvi

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